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The capital city Vienna boasts impressive imperial architecture making it one of the most iconic cities in the world.
Offering a mix of opera, the immortal Strauss Viennese waltz, shopping, dining and unique entertainment, Vienna is an exceptionally beautiful St. Petersburg location. The impressive St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands as a landmark and is one of the regions’s biggest attractions.

Here at gonow we belive Vienna is a perfect destination for more “seasoned” travellers, those who have been around the bend a couple of times and tresure highend food, drinks and experiences. 

Let us spol you with the rich cultural heritage of Vienna and take you and your co travellers exploring the magnificent palaces of Hofburg, Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palace. Most of Viennas main attractions are conveniently located along or beyond the famous Ringstrasse, making it easy and super sustainable to explore the main highlights by foot.

Exceptional service tailored for groups:

Embark on your next group journey with confidence, guided by our team of dedicated travel experts armed with first-hand knowledge of each destination we offer.

Here at gonow.no we are cultivating a wealth of specialist insights to craft a personalized itinerary tailored to your group travel, either you and your co-travellers go for a conference, kick off or celebration.

Our goal is that your journey to Vienna wont not just another trip; This should be a meticulously curated experience designed just for you and your coworkers.
We match our exclusive offers with competitive pricing, only made possible by the enduring relationships we’ve cultivated with local suppliers at our handpicked destinations over the last years.

With more than 20 years of in-house experience we cater professional buyers such as travelagents, touroperators, eventmakers and internal HR departments.

Your peace of mind is our priority. Challange us for your next journey – our offers are always unbinding and only cost you an email at this point.  

Some Vienna group travel tip:

Here are some few recommended experiences for groups in Vienna thinking a bit outside the box. (and yes! Ofcource we have guides, rivercruises and everything else from the “normal” menu)


Explore one of the ten greatest cultural centers in the world, offering a variety of cultural experiences. The Kunsthistorisches museums, especially the Kunstkammer (Chamber of Art & Wonders), are fascinating and well worth a visit – either joining a schedual event or creating a own space for your group.

Embark on a hidden winecellar visit:
Elevate your gastro experience with wine tastings at hidden wineries beneath the ground downtown Vienna. Enjoy fine wines and delicious, locally sourced food whilst discovering Vienna in a unique relaxed atmosphere.

Live music and cultural experience
Even though each night Vienna hosts a feast for some 10,000 music enthusiasts in small and big concerts, the real treat in our eyes is to bring one of theese performances to your event: Let us set up a pop concert pre or during dinner.

Rent a retro tram:
Rent a fully historic tram and go on a classic culinary tour of the city with your group. Enjoy the city in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious finger foods and delicious drinks as you pass through the breathtaking sights as well as backstreets of Vienna.

Go out – go far – go (gasto) big!
50ish min outside of Vienna you find the picturesque Neusiedler See and around it small villages, wineries and artisan restaurants. Belive us: For that extra gear in experience – join us for a village visit and meet bohemic restaurantteurs and boutique winemakers that will blow your mind.


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